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Welcome to Touchwood Forestry Owners group (TFOG).

Touchwood Forestry Company is now in Bankruptcy (click link for urgent must read)
All other touchwood companies are also broke


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Touchwood Forestry in Bankruptcy (urgent must read)

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27th October 2013

Latest update which all Tree owners and Touchwood shareholders shoul read. Action by you is needed to protect your investment;

"I do not ask you to do much but I am now – if you are Thai please make a complaint to AMLO – this is the link to their website. There is also an English section so everybody who has been scammed by a Thai company can complain there. Enough complaints may get action – so make then! The main Thai companies are: Touchwood Forestry Company Ltd, Touchwood Asia Ltd, & Touchwood Technology Ltd – I think there was also a simple Touchwood Ltd. TFC is the big one because if, as I understand, over 244,000 trees were sold to Thais by that company then at about 4,000 Baht ($125) per tree is a tad under 1 Billion Baht (976 million or $32 million) is missing." See full report




This website has been created by the association of Touchwood Forestry owners who in good faith invested their hard earned saving in a great ethical idea – unfortunately those that run the idea were less ethical. When we started out we were dealing with Roscoe Maloney and Touchwood Investments in Sri Lanka through its various companies including Touchwood Ltd (Hong Kong) and Touchwood Forestry Company (TFC) in Thailand. The narrative has moved on with TFC now independent of Maloney. This leaves investors in a somewhat complicated position as the company they originally dealt with The TW Group (as it was called) is now defunct – as is TW HK.

But all the forestry is still in place and controlled by TFC. TFC have contractual arrangement with virtually all TW forestry owners. Many have certificates and paper work issued by TFC others have Hong Kong paperwork with leases and forestry management agreements with TFC. See link. We need to make TFC step up and be responsible to all Forestry owneres regardless of nationality.

Internal agreements seen by this association show that there is a clear responsibility by TFC to honour all TW agreements. We also believe there is a contractual agreement through the various agreements and contracts all investors hold. TFC appear to be ambivalent as to their responsibilities. We accept that the problem with TFC is they have no money and serious investment is needed to get the plantations up to scratch as well as building the processing plant required to distil the agarwood to get the Oud oil. Without that investment TFC will drift on with no reward to investors or shareholders – of course the management and staff will be paid. Those who have offered to bring in investment have been rejected – why?

How to protect yourself and help us help you.

Please register your holdings with us. register here – or use a word document you can download and email to us. The reason this is essential is we are monitoring what happens at TFC – in the event of bankruptcy under Thai law YOU WILL BE PROTECTED as long as you register your debt. In the event that happens – and some of us believe it is inevitable - we will make certain you are informed and your information is with the planner (the liquidator). We are consulting lawyers as well as looking at all aspects of TFC in an attempt to make certain ALL investors are protected.

We are fellow owners who are suffering – like you - from the inept Maloney management – so if you can make a small contribution is helps pay our expenses. Thanks. Please see paypal button below

At the end of February 2013 we spent a week looking hard at Touchwood Forestry in Thailand. TFC was the essential part of TW as TFC is responsible for all the plantations in Thailand - that means the agarwood and bamboo. . What we found was not good - the plantations are not as developed as they should be and are under resourced and thus badly maintained. The report delivered to an forestry owner's meeting in Bangkok is available here.(in English)


Fighting for you costs money.
A small donation $50 - $100 would be appreciated.
It helps pay for the general expenses.

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